The Game of Throne

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Dec 25, 2017 17:31
I started watch “The Game of Throne” recently. As it happens, I hadn’t watched it before, and now I’ve watched four seasons for two weeks. What may I say? Do I like it? Yes, more or less. I must to say I very dislike stories about rising dead and I find the Daenerys Targaryen’s story line not very convincing. Is it too much violence? Well, it isn’t “It” or “Saw” (I haven’t seen they both, I hate horror). Is it too much sex? What can I say? Yes, it’s not Tolkien. By the way, I read "Lord of the Rings" after I’ve watched "Lord of the Rings" and I can’t understand, why do it need so distort the original story? What can I say? We live in the distort time – the time of distort history, distort Bible, distort mythology. It funny this wicked fairy tale seems more realistic than most of “historical” blockbuster (in some aspects at least). Well, Tyrrion Lunnister (more colourful character if you ask my opinion) demanded divine justice in the second time, what will it be? Don’t say me.
PS. I've just watch this series, I disapointed (