A Conversation with a Girl-Biker

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Jul 12, 2019 00:47
I was going on the bus to Novosibirsk once (that was several years ago). I noticed that a girl sitting next to me had a slipping bag. I went to Novosibirsk to go from there to a tent camp in Altai with my brother’s family. I thought, maybe she also was going in a tent camp or a hike? I asked her about her sleeping bag. She answered she was going to Novosibirsk for the biker fest Obskaya Volna (Обская волна – A Wave of the Ob River). She was a biker. She was wearing in casual clothes without any bandana, tattoo, chains, sculls etc violating in some way the stereotype of a biker.. She had a Chines chopper at home in Semipalatinsk. I hadn’t known what was a “Chines Chopper”. Was it a Chines brand of bike? I must confess I had known nothing about bikes. I decided to ask. The chopper is a type of bikes. The girl explained to me that if your feet put forward, your back tips backward and your arms put on a high handlebar – you are riding a chopper.
“Are there other types of bikes?”
“Yes, there are. For example, there’s a racer – a biker’s body leans forward to a low handlebar, chins direct backward.”
“Why did you ride a bus? Why weren’t you traveling on your bike?”
“I’m a newbie. I hadn’t dare to travel so far on a bike”
(as far as I can remember the distance between the two towns is 680 km)