A Joky Song

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Sep 1, 2019 01:34
There is a Russian bard Leonid Sergeev
They said he likes composing jesting songs, but he also composed lyrical and war songs. Nonetheless, he is rather an ironic poet. I remember one of his songs. It’s called “Век не стрижен пёс Барбос” (Barbos the pooch hasn’t had his hair cut for ages). The plot of the song is very simple. The pooch looks at a puddle, sees there his mirror and gets stanned his unkempt look. The humor of the song lies in a way of performing. Since the beginning, the song is performed piano, in soft gently voice (the music terms isn't my cap of tea, but I know two or three. If you haven’t known meaning of ‘piano’ yet, it means ‘quietly’). When it goes the line where the pooch has seen his mirror, you need make a drastic shift to forte (loudly). I think, this song was made as a jesting song for adult, but it’s often performed for children especially in camps. Children like to hear this song as a scoutmaster (? - вожатый) sings at the night by the camp fire, especially for the first time (you know, the element of surprise). However, some singers perform this song without a piano-forte. It sounds bland in my opinion.
http://muzl0.ru/mp3/Век не стрижен пес Барбос/
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