A Pigeon

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Dec 27, 2017 12:56
I looked out at the windows on a weekend. A pigeon was flying around above roofs. The pigeon turned over its head from time to time. Do you see something like this? In actually, it’s nothing extraordinary. There is such a species of pigeon, did you know? There are many domesticated species of pigeons with unusual coloration or feathering or with unusual way of fly. There are pigeons that fly around higher and higher – very high, and there are pigeon like this. There are people who breed pigeons. They built a pigeon-lofts (dovecots? Houses for pigeons?). When I was a boy one or two of my mates kept pigeons, but now I know only one a pigeon-loft in the vicinity and it is rather far away from my home. It’s said a good purebred pigeon worth a lot of money. But, if this business gain some profit, why do less and less people do it? Well, maybe not all doing for money. I was once in a city – a very big city. On a outskirts of the city I saw two dovecots behinds multi-storey buildings. I think old men own they. One of them was very simple – it was made from old wooden planks. Another was made from modern materials, but not very expensive. Its owner probably has a good pension or, more likely, he has well-off children. I think when old man has gone children wouldn’t carry on his vision. They sold or ,may be, hand out orphaned pigeons. Maybe all this only seems to me. It's a bit of sadness )