A Stupid Pup

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Dec 7, 2017 15:50
I was going along the road and saw a dog. It was a pretty big dog, but something puppy was in its exterior: the way it walked, its meaty paws, its ears – one of its ear erected straight and another was bended to aside. It had a cheap collar with a ring – it mean it was a dog on a chain. Such dogs is had as guard for they bark at strangers and on gates it is attached a sign, ‘Attention! Vicious dog!’ Now, the ‘vicious dog’ went AWOL. You know of coarse people often attribute to animals human features, especially if they talks about their pets: he or she is so clever, he or she so understands me, he or she has such an intelligent face… This dog had a stupid face and was doing a stupid thing – it was hunting cars. It was running up and down along the road, looking at face of walker its merry and sassy ayes like a tipsy teenager, and then it laid on the pavement and it was looking out a ‘victim’ – a car driving past. The ‘hunter’ rushed to a car trying to bite its wheel. It was the second time when I saw the dog so it get through its last hunt.