Minnesota Starvation Experiment

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Dec 21, 2017 14:42
In the end of World War II, many terrible narrations about starving peoples in death camps and ghettos from Europe released in American press. Ancel Keys started a study known as the Minnesota Starvation Experiment in November of 1944. Participants of the experiment were volunteers that refused from military serve for religion or ethical creed, but wanted to help. Thirty six men underfeed during some monthes. They got just half of normal ration (some diets gives less). By the time(Over time? Gradually?), the strong physical and mental healthy men got apathy and irritability. Waiting for meals on the kitchen cased emotional outbursts. They acted with food, as it was a baby. They looked at it and handed food, as it was gold. They played with food as children played with favorite toy. Food became only source of motivation and interest in life. All others aspects of life was not significant. Sexual wishes, sympathy, laugh gone. Just indifference, obedience and passivity were staying. At least, the time of underfeeding had ended and the time of rehabilitation started. Physical condition of the participant was improving. However, mental condition was going on deteriorate. Aggressiveness changed Irritability; mood swings became more strident. Just some monthes later, condition of the participant stabilsed. Whole the experiment took 13 monthes.