The God Look

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Aug 29, 2019 00:44

I watched a scene five years ago. I was in a summer camping in mountains. There were many families with little children. I was walking near the camping and saw two children – a girl and a boy about 7-4 years. I think, they must be/(have been?) siblings. They were flying a kite enjoying with such a simple game. The kite was white. A smiling big mouth, two cheeks and two eyes were depicted on the kite. The children were running on the wet grass (it had been raining before). The girl, the eldest, was holding the cord and her young brother was awkwardly followed her in big rubber boots. When they were running by me, the boy looked at me laughing and said pointed his hand at the smiling face in the gray sky, “This is the God!”
That’s all. It’s the end of the story. I had been thinking for a time, how to dish the story to you, what a message I should put behind this entry. I contrived nothing, so eventually, you have read it without any idea.
PS By the way, do you like the tittle? The God looks. The God’s look. The God look. Do you think, such a play on words is possible?