How Do a Full Split in One Day

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Feb 22, 2018 18:27
I read a book about psychology. It is called “The Book for an Achiever”. It narrated what I wanted to achieve so brilliantly, I liked it so much, and I decided to write out the main points. However, it turned out there were not points except two ones – you need buy a second book (the first one I’d downloaded) and you must do our training. There were many “graphic pictures” but all they were all mirages and furthermore from the middle of the book they were repeated. All good people of Oz mustn't take off green glass.
* * *
When decided to learn English for the first time, I was looking for a book for self-study. “Languages” is usually one of the biggest sections of bookstores and “English” is the biggest part in the section. I was looking through books and noticed that Russian letters did phonetic transcriptions in some phrasebooks (I remember from school, there must be special signs; I remember yea the word “Transcription”). In one book were words like these: “Why you will never speak English? It because you are unique and the traditional technique can’t teach you.” So, did this book’s author know how to teach such an unique person like me? Well, well.
* * *
Once, I was looking for information about stretches and I saw in the search results such, “How to do a full split in one day”. I thought, “What a mad idea? It’s ridiculous! It’s impossible, I won’t look through it. No, I need make it out,” and I opened the link and read, “You can do a full split of course, but after you trying you will be taken to hospital”