Fear of Desolation

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Jun 25, 2019 01:16

I can remember the dream I had as I was a boy. I had this dream twice or trice and haven’t forgotten it still now. A switcher (shunting locomotive) was going on my street near my home (Two such switchers run in the river port near my home. I often was there and saw them. There wasn’t railway on the street, the switcher couldn’t go there in reality, but that was a dream.) There were the children from my neighborhood on the switcher. It was hilarious. I jumped off the switcher. It seems I wanted to go home to take something. Then, there wasn’t the switcher. There weren’t the children. Where did they go away? They couldn’t disappear. What did I get off the train for? Why didn’t I stay on the locomotive? Longing for lost happiness I wanted to return, but I wasn’t able.
That’s the story. Give my regards to Mr Freud. Though, no, let Freud go to the devil.