A Bloody Incident in Novosibirsk

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Sep 7, 2019 00:43

September, 5, Thursday, I was going home. I had overtime and left work at 7 PM. Coworker of mine gave me a lift to Kalinin Square where I would take a bus. Kalinin Square has shape of a ring – cars and pedestrians must go around the square. I had to get on the opposite side of the square and I almost reached it when I saw a guy covered with blood. He was about twenty years old. He was walking spreading his hands, looking straight ahead and shooting unintelligible words. The words sounded like a spell. I don’t claim that that was a spell, but I couldn’t identify the language and the guy didn’t look as foreigner. His clothes were soaked with blood, but I didn’t notice a spot of blood on the ground. I’ve read just now on internet about a “long bloody trail” – that is false. They said he got unconscious and fell on the ground, as I can judge on photo, after he went two-thirds of the way that I had gone just before.