Paradoxical Propaganda for Healthy Lifestyle or Adventures of Two Teenage Girls

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Nov 17, 2019 03:32
Two teenage girls are supporting characters/roles in the movie which I wrote about at my last entry. The first girl is a bully and leader. The second one looks like a home girl, a goody two-shoes, that has fallen under influence of the first. The first says, “All we need is a lot of money. Have we a lot of money, we can everything!” She has a plan. She had stolen a flare gun (signal pistol) that friends are going to use to rob someone. A rich-looking passer-by who they tried to rob was a hitman and almost shoot down the young gangsters, but when he worked out who is who, he took a pity on them and even gave some money to the girls. They bought drugs and went into an apartment block for use it. The “goody” was afraid to make injection, the “bully” dared she. All this going on a landing and two men were standing and listening to on another landing two floors up and one of them is a long-term junkie. He went down to the girls. The “bully” doesn't scare easy. She says, “Go pass, old man! Or I started to cry and dwellers call the police!” The man answers, “Ok, go on. Do you think dwellers call the police? They’ll just listening through doors what is happening – they like interesting events. But let’s assume somebody call the police, and what? They see you lacerated hands, what is next? They’ll close you in a bullpen and wait when jonesing starts. They offer you drugs and then you tell them everything! Who is your dealer and who are you friends! And they’ll do realis you, but you will look not sixteen, but twenty four and your everyday dosage will be so much… But, I won’t do anything of this” The man advised girls to give up drugs.
It seems that such a piece of advice coming from such a man must be more effective, but either such people don’t advise or they isn’t be hearing (or they don’t live long time), drugs addiction was an epidemy of the 90 in Russia