How Foreigners Perceive Russia

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Oct 21, 2019 01:55

If you ask me to tell you something about Russia, I’ll hardly be able to say many things (except that winter is coming). I don’t travel, little speaking with people, rarely watch news. My TV broke in 15s and I didn’t buy a new one. I don’t like watch YouTube. However, I glance there time by time and sometimes I accidently see a video and then watch one more. I watched the channel of Pavel Perets (Павел Перец) couple times. I just inform you about it, not recommend. You decide whether it worth your attention and trust or not. But such a channel would be useful for Russian learners and people interested in Russia because its owner is a guide from St Petersburg and a part of his video are video-journeys over different Russian city. His other project is “Россия – Чужой Взгляд” or “РЧВ” (Russia – Alien View) represent Russia through the prism of foreign media.