Best Is the Enemy of Good

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Dec 11, 2017 18:26
I like engineering drawing. I liked it even then I was at school and drawing came easy to me always. I would be proud of this, but I feel rather pity because I’m not used to working hard – I see now I what I lost (I didn’t like English for example). Most of my teachers were soft to me and I must commend the my teachers that weren’t. Of course, not every student, that learning doesn’t come easy, works hard. One day, when I learned in the institution, we gave a homework – to do a sketch of any piece of any machine (you needs to bring the piece with yourself). The teacher was known as the harshest one and she often said, “You’ll be engineers, so you have to be able to do drawing so that workers would be able to understand it.” It needed to make a sketch without rule or any instrument, only hand and pencil, as if it may be in the field. It not as easy as it may seem. One my mate brought the big beautiful drawing. It was a masterpiece. And so, we saw work of drawing art that was made by the true master, but it was too much – a hand-drawn sketch was needed. Best is the enemy of good, as they say. The guy couldn’t persuade the teacher in his paternity. Any teacher usually knows the subject better than students and any teacher was once a student too.