Test Paper essay again.

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Nov 28, 2018 08:19 globalization
Test Paper essay again. Thanks!
What the picture shows us is an American girl wearing a traditional Chinese costume and bright smiles. The beads on her hat are dazzling and the necklace is lying beautifully around her neck. Illustrated in the picture is not only the charming girl but the marked difference happening in our country and the world as well.

In the past decade, China has seen its gains from the reform and opening policy. We are no longer what we were in Qing Dynasty. Rather, currently we take our commodities and cultures out into the world and the world's commodities and cultures are drawn into China, in which exchange China's economy blooms. At present, we have strong grounds to state that China is part of the globe but not what it was -- an isolated land in east Asia.

Being in the vortex of the globalization process is definitely a great opportunity for China, but only when it was seized and exploited properly can we take advantage of it. Considering the current situation, we are making most of the economic globalization and hopefully we could see an ever more prosperous China.