Test Paper essay again.

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Nov 28, 2018 08:18 love
Test Paper essay again. Thanks for helping!
The picture reveals the fact that love is needed more in tougher situations through the example of an oil lamp, which shines brighter in darker places. In a dark environment, a tiny candle could light up a fairly big area, because it is what the dark calls for. In the same way, for those in immediate need of help, a smile or a few caring words could mean a lot.
I could still remember when I was in high school, one day after school, I saw a girl sitting in the corner of the square, with a board put up beside her saying that her purse got stolen and she needs money to go home. People passed by, very few would share a penny though, until a primary school boy came, holding a hot-dog in his hand. Seeing that board, he stopped and searched his pocket and bag, but obviously, nothing's been found. He smiled embarrassingly and suddenly it came to him that he has a hot-dog still, so he asked the girl whether she wanted to have the hot-dog. The girl was all smiles all at once, then the boy, too.
I guess at least one conclusion that can be drawn from the example above is that no matter how little you could offer, just do it, it would be of evident use. Practically there are a number of ways we can do that. One best way from my perspective is to give away resources to those in need, namely books we no longer need, clothes that no longer fit, etc. Definitely we could make the world a warmer and brighter place if we all offer some light.