Please make word choice according to occasion.

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Oct 1, 2016 03:32
Please make word choice according to occasion.
Recently I entered to home with much tension. I get bored on the behalf of some reasons. The explanation of reasons is that, my boss gave me an application recommended to manager of Habib Bank has some defects. Firstly I signatured it from an A.E.O. secondly I went to bank, the bank was closed for a break. I waited about quarter(45 minutes) there and I become enraged while I was waiting there. When the bank opened I entered the bank to collect the application to manager, unfortunately, the manager was absent. I waited for 10 minutes I got no response. I contact to head office of the Habib bank. At that moment, Hurriedly the bank manager reached in the bank and dealt with me in friendly manner. He said to me " you do not behave good with me but I replied politely to him. Everyone is busy in their life , no one has time for wait. He was much confused , he do not know what should I do.
I said him best of luck and returned to home.