Correct this Paragraph in beatiful verbs but in is" "are&...

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Sep 10, 2016 00:35
Correct this Paragraph in beatiful verbs but in is" "are" "be" etc.
Terrorism has became a threatening issue in the world.It overlaps most of the world region.Major victims of terrorism are India,Pakistan, and some countries of South Africa, and the Middle East. This bad curse un-victimized Europe and American sub-continent in past.Now terrorism also overlaps these regions. In-fact, the talk is to think that how we make independence from this curse.However,some black sheep wrongly exploit the religion Islam with regard to creating mis-balance(un-peace) in the the world.But, Islam teaches peace and Humanity.It dis-qualify those people who assassinated the humanity.According to Shariah of Islam, who killed one person he killed whole humanity.The people of many countries possess mis-conception about Islam.Actually it is the religion of peace and brotherhood.United nation and some countries paying their best role for creating peace.These organization keep the measures to rehabilitate peace develop/cultivate appreciation.
It raise problem not to majority, but also for single Individual.(The problem confronts all majority except one person).
Every individual should perform mandatory duty to eliminate this Epidemic.Social affairs,Social media,Governmental Organizations, and International organizations should demonstrate remarkable abilities for eradication of Terrorism.
If this effort persist long, one day the world would be seem as cool breezing,singing scenario, fascinating weather, confidant globe, and transparent foreign policies.Even though whole generation contain love and palpitation for each other.Consequently, it is the matter to fact, how much time require to take sincere action?