I made a precis from this paragraph.

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Sep 12, 2016 03:51
I made a precis from this paragraph.Please check it ,if it is unsuitable then make a more marks gaining precis in correction. (in quotes and comments)
Paragraph: In April 1865, a few days before his death Lincoln said that main problem was how to get the states of south back into a practicable relationship with other states.The lenient attitude of Lincoln towards the states of south was also evident from Grant's generous treatment of the southern states and felt that it was not generous to nourish or express feelings of wrath or hatred towards southerners. But Lincoln did not live long to put these ideas into practices.It is also doubtful that if Lincoln had lived, he would have succeeded in carrying out his project in the post war atmosphere charged with hatred and vindictiveness,Congress would have certainly prevented him from arranging a peace on charity for all and malice towards none.
Precis; Lincoln addressed, how the problem of south with relationship with other states would be solved.Grant's behavior with Lee was the example of Lincoln treatment.He wanted to treat and nourish kindly having no disliking.May be he was succeeded as hatred in post war projects.But he was avoided to maintain peace.
Title: Lincoln and reconstructions.