Please check my precis of original paragraph.(1/3 of original parag...

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Oct 6, 2016 22:48
Please check my precis of original paragraph.(1/3 of original paragraph).
Original text: One of these is a group of professional beggar -- a family business jointly operated by husbands, wives, children, uncles, and grandfathers. The other is a amateur group of clueless one day butchers-- novices who are eager to make a one time killing. This group is equipped with hurriedly assembled, mobile slaughter kits consisting of knives and machetes various sizes. The physical act of slaughter is accomplished on an as is where is principle. There are no laws, norms, or compulsions to restraints this uncontrolled, passionate spirituality. It can be performed inside or outside a residence, in the front of one's own neighbour's gate, on a sidewalk, a main road, a empty plot, a foot path or in the middle of a narrow street.

PRECIS: The routinely begging was done by the specific family. Furthermore, daily human killing was committed by human butcher class through surgical tools. So, the applicable rules are require to finish the intention-ed butchery in a community.
The legal slaughtering of animals in western country have planned places, hospitality, techniques,and reuse of uneatable organs.
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