A soft fruit drink on the way to the Shimogamo 下鴨への途中のフルーツジュース

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May 31, 2011 05:31
I took my younger daughter to Shimogamo Shrine since/because I woke up late that day. (← well, is there any difference between since and because here?) By the way it has been six month since I first visited the Shrine at the day, January 2011. I have been costumed to go there for one and half hour a day to just say a thankful word and a pray-word to the people in northern east area, Tohoku, in Japan.
このまえは下の子を連れて下鴨へいったんですね まあ朝寝坊したのでその日は起きたらこの子もおきたので連れて行ったわけですけど (←えっと、ここでsince,becauseの違いはありますか?) ちなみに毎朝の1時間半のジョギングで下鴨へ行って5ヶ月経ってますね、、、一応毎日感謝だけしてきます、あと東北の人へのお祈りだけですが。

Anyway, on the way to the Shrine I bought a soft drink to my daughter at a supermarket called Fresco which I really often stop by. She loved the hot canned drink during the winter, she now found a soft drink…a fruit drink made by Meidi.
Well I found a mama bicycle next ours when I parked our bicycle at the supermarket. The mama bicycle was an Anjelino, a Bridgestone bicycle. I could find that the main frame was wider and tougher and that the head rest on the front basket was a nice equipment for a child. I wish I could buy it…