White flowers in the rain 雨のなかの白い花

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May 30, 2011 08:42
Well I am on a train for Kobe, I will write my little entry.

おりるかい、うん ということになりすこし見たのでした

It rains today, it rained yesterday, and it will rain for a while since it is the rainy season in Japan.
However, I went outside my home with my little daughter last Saturday although it rained a bit. This is why I had to go to a specific place at that day.
On the way home I was pedaling along the Kamo River. I could find many small while flowers were blooming there instead of the yellow ones which were blooming last month.
These white ones were of Clovers.
The while flowers and clovers spread all over along the River.
I asked her " Will you stop here?" She replied. " Yes". So we were looking around there for a moment.