I will take a TOEIC test from now on today

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May 29, 2011 12:20
Well I decided to take a TOEIC test for whatever reason.(Ah of course I have been studying English so that I will use some purposes English...) I am at a Ohtani Univercity in Kyoto. The structures are beautiful. It is raining heavily. I drove my bicycle here. I am a bit wet.
Now I have been checked my registered number with my own certificated card, a driver's licence card. Ah, last summer, I was not allowed to take the TOEIC test because I was late at the acceptance time. I had to pray for a great boss of my office, the creator of the accounting firm. It was a pity that, but I am nervous because of the past event. Anyway, I have cleared the acceptance today. Well I have been studying English mainly here and podcasts every day, however it was a pity that I have not prepared only for the TOEIC test. Anyway, I will hang in there! Sorry I have little time enough to write Japanese.