Proposal, A transit order. (Please correct English...)

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May 29, 2011 06:33
Would you mind to correct my English when you feel they are wrong or unnatural. They are an explanation and conditions of a transit mama bicycle order for the people outside Japan.

購入についての仮注文のとり方について考えた案を書きたいと思います。実際、注文書雛形を使わないといけない気もしますが。 手段は限られているのでWeb上のアンケートツールを使って質問みたいなところからはじめようと思います。そして、アンケート案です。①適正条件②購入条件を書いてみました。勿論、個人情報は目的外には使用しないことは誓います。
I would like to write about a proposal of a transit order. In fact you and I may use a regular format about the order. I have a few methodology now. So I am thinking that I will use a free web communication tool for the transit order as I ask you some questions.
About the terms and conditions on the transit order (sheet). It is composed of two sections. ① An appropriate conditions for using a mama bicycle ② Your personal conditions for the order. Of course, I swear that I will never use such informations for another purpose.

If you judge yourself whether you check over 80% of the question①, if so, you can take the next step, the question②, at last you find yourself you successfully pass the transit order if you can judge yourself that you can pass the 80% of all these questions. Anyway don't be concerned. You will never owe any duty and obligations if you submit the transit order.

① 自転車に乗ったことがありますか、乗る意思はありますか CHECK 、3歳以下のこどもが1人か2人いますか CHECK、 自転車に乗る道がありますか CHECK、 道は安全ですか、自転車は通っていますか CHECK、 こどもを乗せて自転車に乗ったことがありますか CHECK
② 乗ってみようとする強い意思がありますか CHECK、 納品確認まで2ヶ月くらい待てますか CHECK 、 ペイパルアカウントかVISAなどカードはありますか CHECK、 購入資金で生活は圧迫されませんか CHECK、パートナーは購入に合意していますか CHECK、 

① Have you ridden a bicycle and will you ride a mama bicycle? CHECK Do you have one or two children under three years old? CHECK Do you have any favorable rode for bike around your house/apartment? CHECK Are these roads safe? Do some people ride bicycles safely? CHECK Have you tried to seat your child on some bicycle before? CHECK

② Do you want to ride a mama bicycle? CHECK Can you wait that the favorable condition will be settled for maximum two month although you may not really wait such a ling time? CHECK Do you have some credits like PayPal, Visa? CHECK Are you OK in your daily money if you pay the money for the purchase? CHECK Does your other half agree with you if you have one? CHECK
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