Groopon (methodology)

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May 26, 2011 05:34
Have you heard of Groopon? I think the service is available every countries. I plan to try to promote mama bicycles by the way of Groopon’s methodology personally. I imagine that if the number of the people who want mama bicycles will summarized up to forty at each city the plan will be successful. So I will stop the order until the number of forty. However, this will not be yet the binding order at that point. In other word, they don’t have any right and obligation about their “orders”. Then, I will start to negotiate and confirm the conditions of the shipment fee and costs of sales with some delivery companies and bicycle companies. Therefore, I can settle the favorable conditions for you the “order” will be confirmed. Of course, I will take my transaction fee about 20% of each transaction for my benefit and the reserve for keeping every terms and conditions. The favorable conditions are approximately these followings, ① the shipment fee is under 8000yen (95$) ② A bicycle price is around 60,000yen ( 700$).
What do you think of the plan?