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May 25, 2011 18:55


Interestingly, I have taken a lecture about Japanese Yakuza at our office. Well I am not especially interested in the anti society groups. Although you ordinarily notice its importance it is first necessary to assess whether the entity have any relationship between the entity and a kind of Yakuza when we will investigate the entity which will buy a company or will prepare its IPO. If they find that the entity has a significant relationship with a Yakuza the entity will be removed/punished from the stock exchange market.
The teacher was as tough as he can fight with Yakuza. The lecture was not ordinary one so we didn’t result in sleep and spent time as we watch a special TV program. Anyway, Yakuza is an evil existence. For example, amazingly, there are twenty thousand of members in Yamaguchi –gumi which is the most biggest Yakuza groupe in Japan.

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