Small tires on their bicycle 小さい車輪

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May 23, 2011 05:47
I will write about a small front tire mama bicycle. I think the bicycle is cool in style because of the tire size. Well I often see small tires on their bicycles. It may not be cool in style to every people. Furthermore, I only see people in Kyoto ride their small sized bicycles recently. However I feel many people recently ride their bicycles with small size tires. Compared with them they have usually been using mama chari with 26 inch tires...
Anyway the mama bicycle is named Delica Duo. I was facinated by the white color and small sized tire style. I saw a big Mitsubishi behind the bicycle so the mama bicycle was felt smaller than itself.

ちいさな前輪のまま自転車のことを書きます。この自転車はサイズのせいでカッコいいと思います。うーん、自転車の小さいタイヤを良く見ますよ。まあ、万人にカッコいいわけないですけど。それと、京都の人だけ最近そういう小さいサイズの自転車にのってるのかも。しかし、たくさんの人が乗っている自転車のタイヤは小さい気がします。それらと比べると、いつもは 26インチのタイヤのままチャリのってるとおもいます。 とにかく、このまま自転車の名前はデリカデュオです。白い色と小型のスタイルに目が留まりました。後ろに大型の三菱車があったかたよけい小さく見えましたよ。