Misaki Park in South Osaka みさき公園

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May 22, 2011 18:42
I was back to Kyoto at last. I rent a rental car and went to Misaki Park where families with children in Kansai area seemed to go.
Misaki Park was not just a park. It had a zoo, a whale show, and a play ground where there were a jet courster, flying vheicles, and many kinds of attractions you can easily imagine...
It took three hours to arrive at the park from my home in Kyoto. It was a farer place from Kyoto than I expected. On the way to the destination we ate lunch at a plarking and resting area on the High Way, Hanwa Speed Way. We ate a special cyrry rice.
It was a hot day like summer but strong and comfortable wind sometimes blew so we felt comfortable weather there. Why the park? Because I coincidently found the place when I search the reasonable place to go with my family during this weekend. What I would like to comment the most yesterday’s attraction was a ball on the water where people jump and hop inside the ball It was the first time that I have seen it. My daughter really enjoyed it.
I can say it has many attractive things. In short, it was a nice place to go for the families with children although it was so far…, I had been driving seven hours a day...