There was an "sweet" event in an old elementary school in...

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Jul 29, 2013 05:14
There was an "sweet" event in an old elementary school in Kyoto. The event was called Home Sweet Home It was held for three days. I will write about the second day of the tree days. My daughters built their homes in a Kyoto city on the floor in a large room there. You can see the city in the pictures. My older daughter devoted herself being an assistant of the mayor in this city. She and her close friend helped the mayor to develop the city and solve many issues which happened there. The most heated issue was that an nuclear power plant was suddenly established on the floor. The mayor began to discuss whether the nuclear power plant was necessary or not. My daughter and her close friend interviewed to many participants whether they agreed to establish the one or not. The result was that 28 people answered the survey and 27 people didn't accept the new clear power plant. What happened next. The mayor and the assistants lead to establish an water power plant in the city. It was a great activity, right?