I wonder if I can deal with selling used bikes internationally...

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Jul 18, 2013 16:18
I would appreciate it if you read and correct this post. Thank you in advance.

I am communicating with a guy who live in Romania. He wants to get two mama bicycles. I told him about some conditions when he orders two mama bicycles from me.

He seems to do save money when he gets his. I would like to help him as possible as I can, on the other hand, he should understand some required conditions. I would like to inform them to him again, precisely.

( Note: If I wrote the conditions rather arrogantly, please correct these parts softly. m(_ \)m )


General: I have to only find used bikes on line, basically from individuals to individuals. As you know, there is no bike shop which always provide an used bike in Kyoto where I live.

I also have to find a bike shop which can pack the bike for international mail. If you choose the one, which may not be in a condition that we can ship it to your country.

I assume that the rate in total. However, the bike shop may claim additional fee over my estimation. You may have to consider the addition.

For example, the bike shop Eirin said to me that you had to pay 3000 yen and he also said it's the minimum rate. I actually paid 8000yen to the bike shop when I ship a bike to Prague.

Bikes: You can choose your favorite ones from some possible ones which I show you, however you can't choose the one, which will met the condition which you would want.
自転車: 私が選んだ中から気に入ったものを選んでください。でも、お望みの条件に合ったものが選べないかも知れません。

An used bike may have some damage like lacking of small parts or some parts have lusted.

Payment: You have to pay a budget amount in advance. You can pay the money via Paypal adding 3.6% transaction fee or directly pay it to my bank account.
支払い: 前金で全額をお支払いください。3.6%の手数料が追加されるペイパルで支払うか、直接私の口座に支払うかしてください。

You may pay additional actual cost for international shipping arranged by a bike supplier.

Duration of your waiting : You may wait for some weeks if I can't negotiate with a seller in a assumed condition which you prefer.
待ち時間: 売り手との交渉がよい条件で出来ない場合、数週間かかるかもしれません。

Finally, I have got 4 answers on my mama bicycle survey, which opens from June 14th to June 31st. Thank you very much. I will write about the results and my analysis when the survey close.
最後、7月14日から31日まで実施予定のmama bicycle 調査の答えを4つ頂きましたどうも有難うございました。アンケート終了で結果、分析を公開したいとおもいます。