A pool car and a mama bicycle for families

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Mar 29, 2015 06:48
I was sitting in a pool car on one weekend a few weeks ago. I was waiting for my eldest daughter's return from her school event near the school event. I was also going to my parents' home in the afternoon. I was watching people riding their bikes from the car's window. I saw a father riding a red Anjelino, which was the same one that I had shipped to Seattle. He had two children with him while pedaling it.

I also looked at a park next the parked car. It reminded me of my family's memory when I used to take my little daughters to such parks. It was a daily grateful place for families who have their little children.

Soon after I waited for my daughter in the car she appeared in front of me from the event. I went back home and put some packed luggage to the car.

Exactly, it's easy for us to carry a lot of luggage by car when we drive over 100 miles a day.

I drove on a highway to my parents' home. It's easier by car than by train when my family and I make one day trip there.

I have to take my daughters to my parents' home to let my parents and them meet. My father, who has been suffering Alzheimer's disease for three years, and my mother, who has been taking care of him alone, should meet us more.

The pool car help my family as well as my mama bicycle does. It carries not only my family but also a lot of luggage between my home and my parents' home. That's all for today.

Blog link: http://mamabicycle.blogspot.jp/2015/03/a-pool-car-and-mama-bicycle-for-families.html

P.S. I tried to use "pool car" instead of using "shared car", or "rental car" this time. Thank you.