VOA レビュー (about stress)

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Oct 28, 2010 05:22
I always listen to English podcasts while jogging.,They are almost composed of Voice of America.Let me introduce one of them. ( Everyone don't like to read English webpage in Lang-8,do you?)
The podcast related to stress.I believe everyone feel stress as it mentioned the fact.
Anyway, I found some interesting facts.
First, Coffee contains coffieen, which causes stress...I love coffe so I have drunk over ten cups of coffee every day. But the fact stoped my too much coffee.(I posted the comment 22-10-2010)
Second, there are two types of people, I derive the sentences below.

Some people are aggressive and always in a hurry. They often become angry when things do not happen the way they planned. They are called “Type A” personalities. Studies suggest that these people often get stress-related disorders.
The “Type B” personality is calmer. These people are able to deal with all kinds of situations more easily. As a result, they are less affected by stress.

I might be a Type A. Which do you belong to? (Please not answer if you don't want to say which.) Anyway, let's forget stress if you have .

それはストレスについてでした。真実を語(かた)っていたとおり誰でもストレスは感じると思うのです。なかでもいくつか興味深(きょうみぶか)い事実を知りました。まず、コーヒーのカフェインにはストレスをおこすこと。私はコーヒー大好きで毎日10杯(ぱい)以上飲んでます。でも、これを知ってのみ過ぎないようにしました。(10月22日にVOAへ投稿(とうこう)しています)2つめは、2つのタイプの人に分かれるそうです。以下、VOAからの文章です。I omitted translations of them.