Supermarket Shopping ( My habits and my life)

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Jan 19, 2015 18:40

I am back in Kyoto from Osaka. I went to a famous pharmaceutical company, which would by a foreign company, to report the search result. I have been working for the project for two months after I came back to Kyoto from Hong Kong. I finished the task. I will write a mama bicycle post as I always do.

I went to a supermarket with my daughters last weekend. I tend to buy some groceries at a supermarket every weekend to cook something with them. Hehe, I don't buy a company. I have been spending almost all the time with my daughters when I leave office. I always think of what I should do for the best. As a result, I have some habits, jogging, learning English, writing a mama bicycle, spending time with my daughters, every time when I leave office. I have spent four years like that.

I continue my habits, but, I think I need to change something in my habits or my job. It's time to change them. I may not be able to spend time normally, and I may not win typical success. I should have mistaken a lot. However, I have to think of what I should do for the best.

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