Please tell me   英文法 Present perfect continuous  

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Sep 30, 2010 07:40
Yesterday, some Lang-8 friends responded to my English grammar study.Thank you,Sarahu-san,Jeff-san,nikkuneemu-san,ダンちゃん and Odoriko-san
昨日、何人かのLang-8の方から英文法に返事をいただきました 上記のみなさんありがとう

I have a point which is still hard to understand.I try to write it a little.
もうすこしわからないところがあります ちょっと書いてみます

We mentioned some points, but I concentrate on Present perfect continuous.

Below two sentences are from my yesterday entry original.

I have been taking off my job from afternoon and going outside by bicycle.


I found a good looked place under a little tree where I sit and rest and study English.

わたしは、現在完了は写真のI have been doing の図のように考えています
I understand the present perfect continuous is like the picture shows "I have been doing".

So the action like working is continuing from past to now.

I thought I wrote the first sentence above according to the rule.

I had a holiday in the morning so I took several hours off from work until arriving at the riverbank.

So I used present perfect continuous, but I also feel unusual.

Please review^^.