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Sep 18, 2010 06:08
I found a manga featuring accounting and auditing in a book store after work, so I sit and read it.

I am a CPA. so I am familiare with such a content. But I believe many people are not interested in accounting and auditing.

I was also not interested in them and had little understanding of them until I graduated my univercity and started to work.

会計監査への興味は一旦おいときます また暇なとき会計監査について書こうと思います
I won't tell about accounting and auditing themselves this time. Maybe I will write about them when I have nothing to write.

To tell the trouth, I wrote this theme because I found a helpful idea in the book.

ROAという指標なんです すいません おそらく余計興味ないでしょうが・・・
I found ROA, ROA means Return on Asset. I believe it is much less interesting...

If I look and consider ROA more carefully I could assume that the company hide the truth. I f the company has a financial or operating troubles and make a loss but make a fake in its financial statements I can find the bad truth occasionally.

I have no time I have to meet a friend now...

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