The reason of my family meet in Kyoto last week

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Jul 19, 2013 04:41
This is a continuation of my latest post which I wrote about my family meet in Kyoto. We were in a Japanese restaurant for lunch. Where were we been off then?

My family walked from east to west along Oike Street. We were in/It was a hospital for pregnant women.

My brother had his baby that day! All my family went to meet the baby to cerebrate her.
その日、弟に赤ちゃんが産まれたのです。 家族みんなでお祝いに赤ちゃんに会いに行ったのでした。

How small and cute she was! Especially my daughters were too excited to be silent in the hospital. "Cute, cute, and cute!" They were always shouting. No doubt, she was very cute.
ちっさいし、かわいい! 特に、娘たちは興奮しすぎて病院でじっとしてられませんでした。「かわいい、かわいい、かわいい」と連呼しきりでした。うん、たしかにとてもかわいい。

The baby reminded me of my daughter's birth. They were also the same as this baby.

It was 8 years ago and five years ago. I clearly remember the two days. I also remember that I let them wear their diapers. A variety of memory flow into my memories.

My youngest daughter ended up being an older sister of the baby. Time flies. I would like to seat her on my mama bicycle for a while. Hehe, I am kinda crazy of mama bicycles? Anyway, thankfully.
下の子もとうとうそのこのお姉さんになりました。時間が経つのがホンと早い。しばらくは、まだmama bicycleに載せます。はは、気ちがいでしょうか? なにあれ、うれしい