I am thankful to the Gion Matsuri, which has been finished today.

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Jul 18, 2013 04:57
I am thankful to the Gion Matsuri, which has been finished today. Yesterday was the final naight walk festival called Yoi Yama. I went back Kyoto from Osaka at 10:30pm. There were still many people walking along Karasuma Street, where I walked back home. The crowded people were completely occupied the street. The usual cafe, Cafe De Veloce was still opened, however all the people walked, just walked. This was the Yoi Yama !

Today was the final and great exhibition of the Gion Matsuri. The Parade has been done by the people. I felt like every Hoko and Yama were ready to go, on every street when I walked to my office. Fortunately, my colleagues and I could watch the parade on the top. Our office building stands at the start point of the great parade, which is called Yama Boko Jyunkou. The parade began just at 9 am . The landscape was very impressive. I even thought I would like more people invite our office to watch it together.

At lunch I walked back to my apartment. I could see the parade marching along Shinmachi Street. The parade is always done along the same route. From Shijyo Street, then Karasuma Street, then Oike Street and then Shinmachi Street. Shinmachi Street is very narrow and there are resident both sides of the street. Yama and Hoko were pulled slowly and gravely.

The great festival was over. Thankfully Next summer again. :)

PS. I will write the reason why my family gathered in Kyoto next.