My daughter and I biked to the most famous shrine, Fushimi Inari a ...

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Jul 22, 2013 05:34
My daughter and I biked to the most famous shrine, Fushimi Inari a few days ago. It's the place where the most many people go to the first praying at the beginning of the year. However, we had never been there. We were looking forward to see the night lamps there. It was evening. I biked along Jyujyo Street which is rather south area in Kyoto. It's three kilometer away from my apartment. The sky was very interesting.

I took some pictures around Jyujyo Kawaramachi. Different from Shijyo Kareasuma near my apartment it was a suburb. The more far from the less people ride their bikes. However, I felt good when I pedaled there. The sky was still beautiful.

On the way, near the shrine, I pedaled along some narrow paths and I went over some rails ways. My daughter was impressed by these different traffic situations from usual ones.

It took forty minutes to get there. There were many people would like to see the night festival.

When we went on to the shrine. There were so many people walking along the street on both sides

I was amazed by the huge number of lamps for only the two day night festivals. I heard that the number was five thousands. People were getting increased. My daughter and I sit in front of the grand red gate. It was a bit earlier in order to watch the beauty of the fired lumps.

As I wrote on my latest posts my daughter and I struggled to walk through the Senbon Torii. Over one hour passed. After the walk we could see the beautiful night lumps.The red lines were bright beautifully. I even danced around the traditional dance circle. I remember the dance and the song. It was very nice.