Here is my latest draft in my bike blog.

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Oct 13, 2013 06:40
Here is my latest draft in my bike blog.
I recommend you to go to the green estate of the Kyoto Imperial Palace to walk or bike. It's a beautiful and calm place. Have a nice weekend. :)

I saw a green mama bicycle parked in the field of the Kyoto Imperial Palace the other day. I was jogging back home that time. I often run the field. You can freely enter the estate of the Kyoto Imperial Palace all the estate that you are allowed to enter are like a natural park or a natural garden.

It was somehow early in the morning, so there was only the mama bicycle. I found that some father took her baby there while seating the baby in the front small optional child seat. They played in a sand pool there. I've taken my daughters there many times. I think this is the great place for family bike riders.

Caption: Several police officers were biking along the path.

Caption: The police office in the Kyoto Imperial Palace.

After I passing the field I jogged from north to south inside the other fields of the Palace. I often see some persons walk or bike there. I unexpectedly saw several police officers riding their bikes along the path in the field. There is a police office inside the estate of the Palace.

I was about to go out of the estate of the Palace at the southest gate I saw a father and his son practice to play succor as they had done it before. They each seem to always practice there. It's also a great custom for parenting and fro the son. The estate of the Palace where you can enter freely is a great place for everyone eles. I recommend you to go there. :)
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