The Gion Matsuri Now

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Jul 15, 2013 20:15
I am walking along Shijyo Street. I will publish it fro iPhone. I will tell about the night walk tomorrow too. However, I will write a bit about the people here and more. There are so many people that you naturally feel that you are participating in a Japanese summer festival. I can't clearly explain why so many people are here every time of this month. I may be able to explain it because of the history. In 700's, so many people died in Kyoto that they can't bear the tragedy. So the Gion Maturi began from the time. Kyoto has been the Japanese capital for a long time and many historical things have been preserved including the festival. That's why this festival may last. The humidity is rather annoying when you visit Kyoto in summer. I once thought that why people just walked along the street while they felt the humidity. I could not understand it. However, I have been living in Kyoto ovry fifteen years, and have been walking in the fastival nights. I feel like I can understand why we walk here. The humidity and Yama and Hoko which tells the history on their tapestries. People may naturally think of the necessity of the praying to the dead people and our thankful future. Haha I am drinking beer.
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