"Mu~ wii~" (at our usual supermarket)

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Jan 31, 2015 21:08
Here is the link to the blog with some photos: http://mamabicycle.blogspot.jp/2015/01/mu-wii-at-our-usual-supermarket.html

"Mu~ wii~", she softly say that in front of a supermarket
My younger daughter looks funny in this picture. Why do you think that she performed like that? I will tell you the answer later. My daughters and I rode our bikes to a supermarket. Yes, again. We went to a supermarket.

This was also our weekend routine to get back home with some foods after we spent time at Veloce. Now it's often the case that it's time to make dinner when we go back home..

I always intend to show how helpful carrying kinda lot of groceries in the front basket of a mama bicycle is. Thank you. By the way, we bought some kind of ingredients to make Oyako don which was shown in a book that my elder daughter had bought at a bookstore that morning, My elder daughter intended to cook dinner by herself.

It looks interesting. She wore a swimming goggle to prevent the stinky smell of sliced onion. Can you guess how to make oyako-don? Oyako means chicken and egg, don means a rice bowl with cooked smething. It resembles gyudon.

The taste was amazing. Apparently she will cook oyako-don for us from next time. Ah, I will tell you about the answer. My younger daughter pretended a cartoon character called Murikabe (むりかべ) It's one of the characters of Youkai-wtache(妖怪ウォッチ) Youkai-watch is the most popular cartoon of all the broadcasted animes in Japan recently. Mu~ Wii~ means I can't do that./ no way Hehe, this was the answer. Not kidding. Thank you.

I win instead~