My family and I traveled to the Awaji island.

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Aug 25, 2013 05:07
My family and I traveled to the Awaji island.

It's the first time that both my family and I have visited Awazi island.

The destination place was a natural resort and play spot called the England hill.

There were some koalas.

There were also sheep and other some kinds of animals on the hill.

The unexpected point was too hot, too hot to keep well, haha. It might be closed the hill only if the temperature is over the top.

I will tell you about amazing bikes there as a mama bicycle family. We enjoyed riding the interesting bikes although it was a very hot day.

I know that there some places where you can enjoy riding these special bikes I Japan. Ah, as might be expected, the special bikes was one if the motives which lead me to choose the vacational destination.

Some have animal shaped frames. Some bikes looked like baggies' shapes. Some looked like bugs. Some were hand powered. Some were pedaled when you pump down the panel, that motion gives kinda frog move. And the largest one like a linguine.

Considering my large body I naturally chose the largest bike to comfortably pedal.

Interestingly the largest lymgine bike has a front child seat inside the front cage. The inside seat was made by OGK.
面白いことに、大型リムジンタイプには前ケージに子供乗せシートがついていましたOGK製のが :)

I have to go right now... I will finish this post. Thank you very much.