Amazing Thousand of Torii inFushimiinari in its summer festival

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Jul 21, 2013 06:26
Amazing! My daughter and I biked to the Fushimiinari Great Shrine in Kyoto. We were off to a night festival in Fushimiinari Shrine which was called Motomiya Sai But first, I would like to mention about the famous Torii there. I'd like to write about the other aspects of this great shrine and our trip on the other post.

Have you ever heard of Fushimiinari or the many Torii in Fushimiinari ? Ok, Torii is the gate of a shrine. It's so famous that my daughter even recognized its existence in her memories. However this visit was the first opportunity not only for her but also to me. I slightly remember that I saw the Torii in a Japanese movie about 25 years ago. Anyway, we reached the famous Torii lines which was called Senbon Torii. We were really fascinated by the great views of the many trii We were very excited as other tourists were also amazed by the crazy red tori lines.

We went on and on to reach the end of the great lines. We unquestionably thought that we were there in ten and fifteen minutes. However, it seemed that it never end. We walked on and on for over one hour, but the lines run forever, like forever.
No dounbt, there were over 1000 of torii. In fact, my daughter began counting the number on the way, she finished counting 500 in about fifteen minutes. We believed that there shoud have been 2000 and 3000 torii there. We finally gave up reaching the end of the line. Incredible ! :)
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