Three things in my mind this morning.

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Aug 16, 2013 06:22
Again, Obom is here in Japan. Fortunately, my family and I are spending time at my parents' home in a country side.

I am walking this morning right now too. I will upload some pictures later.

PS. Pictures have been uploaded on August 17th, 2013

1. I am walking next to my ancestor?'s tombs. My family and I prayed in front of them yesterday. This pray to our grand parents and grand grand parents in Obon is a typical rytural and custom in Japan. I heard from a friend from Scotland that they are banned to pray such dead souls. Japanese people do it every Obon

2. Hanabi, katori-senkou and summer vegitables behind my parents' home are also typical things in Obon. My daughters and my nephew were in my mother's home made veritable garden and harvested small tomato. My parents owns not only cars but also two bikes. In a picture you can see the harvesting and two bikes. Katori-senko is a traditional tool to kill bad summer insects, moskieto. It's shape is rounded to be smoked for a long hours. Hanabi is a fire works which children play at Obon's night. My daughters and nephews were deadly happy to play hanabi for two hours. These are the typical things in Obon

3.My father was diagnosed with Altshimer disease. His memory is bad. He always forgets every latest memories. I took him to a mountain last week. He managed to climb at 1300 meter highest of the mountain although we went to near the top of the mountain by car. But he even forgot the memory testerday. You know, when you are with your parents who suffer from this disease you may feel like that you are easily to forget pried like them. However, my family could spend our Obon even this summer. Thankfully, thankfully. Ok I will begin to jog. I finished warming up. Thank you for reading.
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