A Bakery and A Nobunaga Building

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Jul 12, 2016 20:57
There is a bakery next to my apartment. It bakes very good flavory bread every day and makes me smell the good flavor. So I often buy the bread. In front of the bakery there is a building called Shin-Chou-Sa-Ryou (信長茶寮) which was built about two years ago. 信長 was one of the three biggest names of the Japanese generals of soldiers called Bushi (武士). He is said to be died at the place where the building was built. The historical building, that was built at this place, was Honnouji(本能寺). It was the last place for the general Nobunaga. He was killed by Mitstuhide in 1582 when the Honnouji was burned with him. You may feel the famous general's history in the building as it exhibits some memorials of 信長. One more, have you heard of the famous anime called Hokuto-no-ken (北斗の拳)? This building was built by the famous anime author. Well, today was very historic. Shuichi, Osaka