Biking to Yasaka, Gion Part.2

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Jan 22, 2015 20:35
This is a continuation of my previous post. My family and I tried to bike to Yasaka Shrine in Kyoto via the south side streets from Shijyo Street. We arrived at Miyagawa chou area and stopped. We needed to find the short cut to the shrine from the area.

However, a famous event called Touka ebisu was held at an other shrine near the area. My family and I were not able to across the crowded zone if we would try to pass the area straightly eastward . So I decided to go southward first and then go eastward. There were somewhat hill side streets. We had to pedal upward and eastward. I was blamed by my wife why we didn't choose the north root. I will probably chose the other route next.

(Here are 10 photos for this post:

We arrived at the shrine after our struggling via the south route. To tell you the truth, I felt that it was not so difficult to get there via the south route. My family parked our bikes at the north side gate of the Tasaka Shrine.

20 days had already passed this year, but there were still many people in and outside the shrine. We prayed for the god of the shrine and the safe year for our family. My family paid for omamori and omikuji. We successfully finished first family praying this year.

To be continued at a famous intersection in Gion Kyoto.