Kurazusi Bike Ride

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Jan 12, 2015 21:30
This was a story at a day on last December. It was not very cold My family biked to our favorite sushi restaurant, Kura shushi at Nijyo in kyoto. We often be there.

My younger daughter sat in a rear seat of my mama bicycle.

My elder daughter rode her own bike besides us. My wife rode my mountain bike too.

There were a lot of bikes around the Kura Sushi. People made a long queue in the restaurant.

We made a reservation for our turn beforehand. We didn't have to wait for our turn. We soon started eating sushi there.

I first ordered Asahi Premium. I was happy. We started picking and ordering sushi by the touch panel.

We picked sushi as we wanted to eat.

Our stomachs were full!

Blog link: http://mamabicycle.blogspot.jp/2015/01/kurazusi-bike-ride-on-dec-2014.html
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