Our Family lunch at a Japanese Restaurant in Kyoto

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Jul 17, 2013 05:32
Our Family had lunch at a Japanese Restaurant in Kyoto

Fortunately my family gathered at Kyoto for the time being.

It's a rare opportunity for us to meet in Kyoto. My parents live in Shiga、next to Kyoto. My sister lives in Osaka.

Furthermore, my father's health is not good, and my sister is a mother of two small children. So I was very happy when we met in Kyoto.

I will tell you the reason why we were in Kyoto. I will tell about a Japanese restaurant where we met and had lunch.
なぜ京都に集まったかはあとで書きます。 家族で集まって昼ごはんを食べたお店のことを書きます。

It serves traditional Japanese dishes called Kaiseki. We were fascinated not only by the appearance but also by the taste.

My family and I biked there. The restaurant is located near the Oike Station.

It's a small Japanese restaurant in an old Japanese house called Machiya.

I think you can enjoy the spacial menue for reasonable pride. I will recommend the lunch.

I ordered six sets for a la carte for adults and four bentos for children.

I will write about the reason in the next post. Thank you.