Mama Bicycle Journey in Kyoto Part.1

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Aug 10, 2013 06:36
It was a sunny day. My older daughter and I went out biking. In fact, she finished her homework at a cafe, and I helped her with her study there, before the journey. Yes, we went to some places in the afternoon for relaxing ourselves.

These side walks in the pictures are neat and easy to ride a bike, especially on weekend. Office workers are off there. The intersection between Karasuma and Sjijyo was calm after the heated Gion Matsuri.

We went on to south along the street. In the pictures, you can see some people ride their bikes and a father who seat his children on front and back of his mama bicycle. He is kinda mama bicycle father like me. I feel like I like such a landscape in Japan.
通りを南に進みました。何人かは自転車にのっているでしょ、そして、僕みたいに子供2人をmama bicycleの前後に乗せているお父さんもいます。こういう光景ていい感じだとおもいますね。

We decided to have lunch at a restaurant near the intersection between Karasuma and Gojyo. My daughter like a set meal with the grilled hamburg, and I like a set meal with the grilled fish. " Itadakimasu~" I feel like I like the custom of saying Itadakimasu before eating. What do you think about these atmospheres?