Itadakimasu Twice This Weekend

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Jul 3, 2017 06:45

Caption:Gion Matsuri has been formally got started this Saturday on July 1st.

My youngest daughter and I cycled to Starbucks at Shijou-Karasuma in Kyoto. Wc both cycled there through Sijou Street, where the arrangement of Gion Matsuri appeared on the side street. Gion Matsuri is one of the biggest Japanese festivals. The main festival days are around 16th of July.   

My youngest daughter and I decided to dropp by the Starbucks and we parked our bikes at the nearest bike park of Daimaru departmentstore. You can park your bike there for free within three hours. 

After we parked our bikes there we walked to the Starbuck. It has been a while since we last went to Starbucks. 

She loves a cup of kids cocoa. You know, you can order a kids cocoa for half price of a normal cup of cocoa. She added a plate of chocolate bis. "Itadakimasu" she said and ate them. We stayed there for three hours while reading. 

Next Sunday we both went to my paretnts home. NOw my mother lives alone with her husband's memories. I struggle to go to her as possible as I can. I did on thie weekedn as I had been for six months. We three went to an onsen named Anegawa Onsen and we had lunch together. This was the second itadakimasu on this post. Thank you.