I met a man from Oregon.

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Jul 27, 2013 06:10
I met a man from Oregon.US yesterday. He e-mailed me the day before yesterday for the first time and told me that he would like to meet me because he was very interested in mamachari. I didn't understand what he meant in some parts, however, of course I decided to meet him. He was in Osaka to meet his father, who is in a hospital. His father had stroke. I was very sorry. I hope his father will be OK. He has a 2 years old daughter in Oregon. Surprisingly, he had bought an electrically assisted Anjelino in Osaka and planned to get it back with him when he would fly back to the US. It's really fantastic, isn't it? I wondered why he knew me and asked it to him. He searched for mama bicycles by himself and he had found me last year. I am proud of it that he thought that "I would like to meet the crazy man who write about the mama chari", hehe. He finally met me. In a Starbucks in Kyoto, we talked about mamacharis, our families, our bike business, his chance to visit Japan and more for three hours. It was a very fantastic meet for me. He works at one of the world largest companies. We are similar in such our careers. However, he found himself in the great interest in mamacari. It's also similar between us. He told me that people in America didn't understand mamachari simply because they didn't actually see it. I leaned it. "If they look many great pictures of mamachari they can't really understand what they are." Ah, I understand it. He was really fascinated by Anjelino when he actually saw it and test drove it in Osaka. So he even did such a difficult thing that he would ship it back to the US with him even paying additional flight charge. I easily noticed that his negotiation between the air plane company and other related persons. It's not an usual offer to them. The weight of Anjelino is 70 lb. It's very heavy. However, he successfully did it. It's fantastic, isn't it? This is simply because Anjelino is very attractive to him and his daughter and he can see the chance to sell them to others around him in the US. It's a great idea. There are still many difficulties when you ship a mama bicycle to the US. However, I will still keep my activity from now on, and I hope he and I will be good partners to enjoy mama bicycles, to sell mama bicycles in the US.